Jul 14, 2014

Summer Days in the Sun

We have had some beautiful weather lately, so we decided to take advantage of it. There is a cute little park not too far away with a waterfall and creek for kids to play in. McKinlee had a blast splashing around. I need to find something like this in Minnesota when we go home. She could climb up the rocks and loved putting her feet in the waterfall. It's funny how happy I am when McKinlee is having fun. Watching her explore and learn is so exciting to me. 

Isn't this suit so cute? There are two that belonged to my twin little sisters (now 12), then passed to my sister's twin daughters and now to little McKinlee. I love these little treasures passed around the fam.

I still get nervous about her tripping or slipping, but she's sturdy enough to get where she wants to go. If she needs any help she will grab your collar or your finger (depending on how bad she wants it) and drag you where she needs you. She loves going out "sye...sye". She'll bring the correct pair of shoes to whomever she targets and you're pretty much stuck. The car is also one of her favorite places to play. After she brings you your shoes and drags you outside to the car, you can attempt to tell her it's locked, but she will run (not walk) back inside (yes she can now open the front door) and into the kitchen to point to the keys hanging up and say "tee...tee". At that point you will look into those adorable brown eyes, see her cute little smile and give in for the fifth time that day to go out to the car. You're welcome to come try and change the story, but I'm telling you this girl is persistent.


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