Feb 17, 2014

McKinlee: 12 Months!

Someone just turned ONE!!!

I cannot believe this baby girl is already one. This year went by too fast. I feel like it was just yesterday that I was sitting on a couch in leggings and a big belly.

Sleep: Right now McKinlee is switching to one nap a day. Her nap only lasts an hour or so and it's kind of killing me. I've heard from some friends that it's rough at first, but the kiddos get on a better schedule later on. I'm hoping it will come sooner than later. Luckily McKinlee still sleeps 10-12 hours at night which has been such a blessing!

Weight:16 lbs 7 oz - 6%
Height: 27 in - 3%
Head: 44.3 cm - 32%
Girlfriend is now in size 3 diapers. She's pretty little for her age, but she's growing at a steady rate and that's what we look for. She's so sturdy now it is crazy. I love seeing her interact with other babies. She is so interested in them and will try to tickle them or pet their hair. It's pretty adorable. I'm excited to see her really grow in the next few months.

Food: McKinlee still loves those squeezable pouches, but now that we're home we are getting better at giving her more solids. The doctor gave us the go ahead on milk, peanut butter, honey, eggs and pretty much anything else we can think of. I've taken the easy route on feeding her and I'm trying to be better. She's a little picky and combining that with how small she already is, I want to make sure she gets the food that she needs. 

Milestones: McKinlee is a little cruiser. She walks everywhere. And gets into everything. She says hi, and she tries to say tickle tickle. It's pretty cute. She pretty much tickles Stafford any chance she gets. I've noticed how much of a daddy's girl she is lately. It is just too cute to watch them together. She follows him all around the house. I love it. McKinlee is becoming such a little person!


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