May 6, 2013

3 Months

I can't believe I haven't blogged in a whole month! It's been so crazy, but don't worry :) I've been working on some posts...

Can't believe this cute girl is already 3 months old! She is so big! 

Sleep:  McKinlee sleeps pretty great still. After our trip she started falling asleep around 10:30 and would wake up at 6 to eat then she would sleep again until 10 or so. Now she's back to her regular schedule of going to be around 11 or 11:30 and waking up at 7:30ish then she'll sleep till 10:45 and I sleep right there with her. Haha I'm a sleeper inner and so is Stafford, so we love it. But I'm thinking I want to start our day earlier. We'll see how it works out. We just put her in her own room last night... I was dying. I just get so nervous about leaving her and not being able to hear her right next to me. I know it's for the best and it's been a long time coming. I'm sure our next child won't take me so long, but she's my first so I think it's okay that I'm taking my time.

Size: We're in size 1 diapers and the outfit she wore today is newborn size, but she's mostly in 0-3 months. I can't wait until she's in 3-6 months.. I have some favorite new outfits to try on her! 

Food: Baby girl is great at nursing.. We had a few bumps at first and we supplemented with formula, but now we're all breast (unless we're running errands). She's great at switching back and forth and I'm grateful for that! She has had a lot of saliva lately and she bites her fingers all day long. I'm thinking she is teething! Does that sound right? She still takes her binky great, but as soon as she loses it the fingers go in..  thumb, pinky, 4 fingers at once.. whatever she can get in there. It's adorable, but I don't want her to get in that habit.

Milestones: McKinlee is pro at holding her own head. We've put her in the bumbo a few times this past month and she does great! I think she loves sitting up and being able to look around. I'm horrible at tummy time and so is she. As soon as she cries I give in. I need to get better at making it fun for her. Baby girl is also a big talker..  She will just coo all day long. The mornings are the best and when dad gets home. She's a happy baby and we love it!

umm.. yeah.. you try and resist that face.


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