Apr 7, 2013

2 Months already?!

Our baby girl is growing up so fast!

Her doctor's appointment is this week, so I'll find out all of her measurements then... 
McKinlee has been such a good little sleeper for us. She goes to bed around midnight and wakes up around 9 or 10. This is great for us for now because Stafford and I are night owls. I'm sure we'll work our way to a 10-8 schedule soon enough, but right now I am loving sleeping in!
She sleeps in our room still in her little rocker, but if she wakes up to feed I'll just let her fall back asleep in our bed until she's up for the day.
We just switched her out of newborn diapers.. She's still in newborn onsies and pants, but she's grown out of a few outfits- I'm so sad!
 McKinlee has been a great little baby.. She definitely has her meltdowns, but she keeps us happy and entertained.

We're going on our first big trip with McKinlee this week. I'm a little nervous to drive all the way to Washington with her. I cannot wait to see my family and relax for a week!
Wish us luck!

Have a good week!


  1. I'm coming over to hold that baby!!!

  2. time is flying!! so precious!! happy 2 motnhs!!

    1. AHH I know!! There's no way it's already been two months!

  3. Ooooh she melts my heart! SO PRECIOUS! And she seriously sleeps for 9-10 hours straight?! So lucky! Mia was doing that until 4 nights ago... now she is up at 3am every single morning. It's killing me! I got used to sleeping through the night, ha ha!

  4. Just found your cute lil' blog! She is adorable.
    New follower!