Mar 4, 2013

McKinlee update

Life has been a little busy! I love being a mom! It's a little overwhelming at times, but totally worth it :)

The past few weeks have been full of cute baby outfits and headbands for every occasion. 

+ I have officially breastfed in the doctor's office twice.
+ breastfed in the car in a parking lot twice
+ breastfed in the school bathroom twice 
(funny story actually- after taking our car in to get fixed after someone backed into us, we drove a half hour home from the dealership only to find out that we left the house key on the key ring and they had closed! Stafford had to work at the school that night, so McKinlee and I got to go along. I was so nervous she would get sick! 3 hours later, Stafford's friend met up with us to try and get in. He used the credit card trick and the door was open in seconds. I couldn't believe it! How did we not try that before?!)


 1 Week old.. Love that little sweater from Grandma Shana and the jeggings are from my cute little sister.

A week and a half old...  We love everything pink and girly.

 A week and a half old.. Valentines day :) My mom watched McKinlee while Stafford and I went out to Olive Garden. We missed her the whole time, but it was nice to get away and wear a cute outfit out!

 Baby girl loves to cross her feet.

 It's my favorite when she falls asleep on my chest :) Just look at that little mouth!

 Today after a long morning of no naps..  She fell asleep at 1:30 in the afternoon so I could finally shower and get ready for the day.. at 1:30 in the afternoon.. it takes a while to get used to this whole baby comes first thing.

It's been a great first month of parenthood and I can't wait for the months to come :)


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