Mar 6, 2013

1 Month McKinlee

 Happy 1 Month McKinlee!
 I think this is the first time McKinlee has been in her crib since she was born! She loves it :)

 It took us a while to get this cute little picture...

Yep, she's a cutie!
- Baby girl is starting to smile more and more! I think she's also trying to laugh a little bit.. it's so sweet!
-McKinlee is now 8 lbs. 1 oz.
-She sure does love her daddy and already has him wrapped around her finger.
- Baby girl takes 2 good naps during the day and a few mini naps whenever she wants. She sleeps 4-6 hours in a row at night, wakes up for a couple hours then goes back to sleep 8ish so mommy can get some more sleep.
- For the past few nights she sounds like she's constantly clearing her throat or grunting and it takes forever for us to get some sleep.
-She's still in newborn clothes and diapers.. Speaking of diapers, we've gone through hundreds this month!
- Our doctor wants us to keep her home for a while, but so far we have taken her grocery shopping, to the school, to Chili's, and to the I Center to watch daddy play basketball (mommy needs some social time).

It's been a great month and we can't wait to hit more milestones.


  1. omy!! so little and so precious!! She is just darling.