Nov 25, 2012

It's that time of year

So the Holidays are here! We just set up our Christmas tree and put up some garland. I'm dying. I love Christmas...  and I LOVE that it means McKinlee is that much closer to making her debut!!
We're going to Nevada this year to spend Christmas with my family at my grandparent's.

Stafford is quite nervous about us traveling because Christmas day will be 35 weeks for me! We'll have plenty of time before baby girl comes, but it's still a little scary. My doctor says it's no big deal and that we should be totally fine.

It's funny because I don't feel any more pregnant than I did a few weeks ago. The weeks just kind of go by. I think school helps with that. I have a lot to do and stuff to keep my mind off the pregnancy (like I could really ignore a 3 pound baby in my stomach though). But I've been thinking that the next month is basically going to fly by and I still have so much to do...

An Updated Things To Do List:

Sew quilt
Make crib skirt 
Buy curtains
Sew pillow for rocking chair
Redo lamp shade
Continue to make a billion bows and flowers for baby girl's hair.
Buy new lamp?
Buy glider
Buy shelf for above crib
Stock little box on top of dresser
Make and hang artwork
Stock up downstairs diaper box
Stock diaper bag
Pack hospital bags! ( I know I have plenty of time for this, but it's on the list!)

So yes..  this list has definitely grown since my last list-
but a lot's been crossed off too!
I'm feeling good about all of it and I can't wait to actually hold her in her room and just love her (and try every one of her cute outfits on her the first few days of her life). So if you have any suggestions on what to pack in my diaper bag and hospital bags send them my way, because I honestly have no idea what I'm doing.

k, thanks.


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