Sep 11, 2012

We're having a...


We just found out this morning. I definitely thought that it was most likely going to be a girl because I have 5 sisters, and on top of that my older sister just had twin girls. 
I would've loved to have a boy, but let's just be honest... I know girls. I feel like I practically raised my little sisters. And besides... who wouldn't want to have a closet full of tutus and bows?

 I am so excited to make everything frilly for my little girl. Sometimes I wish it was 5 years from now and I could afford to spend an absurd amount on this cute little baby, but college is a must and I would never put off having kids just so I could afford the finer things in life. I am just so excited for her to enter this world and be in our arms. 

Stafford couldn't be more excited either. I think it'll be a new experience for him since he's kind of a bully to his nieces. He is already telling me how he wants to give our little girl everything.. He even showed me a picture of a barbie jeep and gave me an "awww" face. And even though I want our daughter to have the best of everything, I somehow think I'll have to be the one reeling Stafford in.  


  1. so exciting!!!!
    i hope my first is a girl :)

    1. I know! It's been so fun to shop for her!