Aug 17, 2012

Week 14

Week 14

How far along?   14 weeks
Total weight gain/loss:   No weight gain yet!
Maternity clothes?   I bought my first couple skirts and dresses for Missouri, but I still fit in my normal clothes.
Stretch marks?   Nope :)
Best moment of this week: I'm probably crazy, but I swear I felt a little flutter from the baby!
Miss anything?   My energy! and a back with no pain. and sleeping on my back.
Movement:   It happened.. I promise!
Food cravings:  Chipotle burrito (mostly the guacamole part) and Panera Bread cheesy broccoli soup.
Anything making you queasy or sick?   Everything... It's gotten better. Staying active helps.
Have you started to show:   I definitely think so. It's more noticeable after I eat.
Gender:   I'm dying to find out! All the old wives tales point to girl, so we'll see.
Labor signs:   None- crazy.
Belly button in or out:   in
Wedding ring on or off?   on- still loose.
Happy or moody most of the time:   Pretty happy. Occasionally I get emotional.
Looking forward to:   Feeling it move and knowing for sure it's the baby!


  1. Awesome Kelsi. :) I started feeling movement at 14 weeks - so I bet you're right. What an awesome feeling!

    1. Oh good! that makes me feel better. It was pretty cool. I just wish Stafford could feel it.

  2. I felt movement at 14 weeks kinda felt like a fish lol.

  3. You are so dang cute with your posts. I love the lemon picture. That is also fun that you have felt the baby move! Let me know when you are passing through so you can sift through my clothes :)