Feb 3, 2012


Hello there.

So...  it's been a really crazy week.
As you know- or maybe you don't- I am basically going to school 
to be the best wife and mom I can be.
Naturally I'm taking a lot of classes about child development
and that includes child birth.
I know I learned about child birth in middle school..
and in high school...
and in my pregnancy class a few semesters ago...
but it hasn't hit me until now.

Thursday my Infant and Toddler class took a little field trip to the 
hospital and toured the delivery rooms.
I really love to learn about this stuff, mostly because it's going to happen to me someday.
hopefully sooner than later :)
  We got to ask the delivery nurse questions, and I had plenty.
I've talked my mom's ear off and my older sister's ear off as well. She's pregnant with twins right now, so it's fun to talk to her about what she's reading as well.
Epidurals, episiotomies, and midwives have been on my mind nonstop this week.
Is this a weird thing? 
Does anyone else have fears about something they're so excited about?
I can't wait to have babies! But we're not quite ready yet. 
It's fun to look into it though.

Sorry for maybe sharing too much!
Happy Friday!


  1. Educate yourself, Pray together to know what is best for your family, and have faith!

  2. I remember feeling this same way... I was glad that I took the time to educate myself while I waited for the time to be right (after being married four years). By the time we had our first I was SOOO ready to be a mom and I appreciated everything so much more than if I hadn't been ready. You'll be great!

    1. That makes me feel so much better. I'm just so excited, but the fears are still there. Maybe when it's better timing it will feel better.

  3. KELSI!! I am so happy for your sister! Wow TWINS!! I love it!!!!! :o)

    1. I know! Totally crazy.. and they're both girls!!