Feb 1, 2012


Today is a rough day. 
Wednesdays are not usually my worst/longest day, but it was today.
First of all, I had a lot of homework due today.
Secondly, my house looks like this...

and you should know that me and the hubby are very clean people. seriously we are.
Also I wanted to finish my apron I'm making for a class, so I stayed after thinking it would be no big deal... wrong.
Everything was going wrong.. my bobbin thread was everywhere and there were knots all over the back of my fabric. That was when I felt it...  
I had to give up.
I texted Stafford to come pick me up.
I walked out with the apron in one hand and my messed up ruffles in the other. 
It's amazing how such a fun hobby could be so annoying and make me feel so down.
Do you ever feel like that over something silly?
Well... the day isn't over yet.
I brought that apron home and I am going to work on it until those cute ruffles are attached and perfect. I will also clean my kitchen and make a nice dinner for my husband. 
I know I can do some things right, so I'm just going to focus on that for now. 
Wish me luck.