Nov 20, 2011

Our 3 state adventure

After our amazing honeymoon to Hawaii...

we moved into Stafford's aunt and uncle's basement apartment. They were so nice to us. We had our own entrance, our own washer and dryer, and an occasional homemade ice cream treat.  They were so sweet to us.


After living there for a month and a half, our semester back in Rexburg was about to start. We headed up for the spring semester to our new home. We were so excited to finally put together our own place with all the fun things we got from our wedding and we bought with our own money! yay!
Stafford was put to work.

We moved into our apartment the end of April and my family planned a trip to go to my older sister's graduation in Provo, so they also came to see us and Jamie. And then this happened...

Our living room sleeps 7 people..  Stafford and I were in our bed :)
It was so fun to see my fam before school started. 

The spring is the best time in Rexburg. The sun is out and it's absolutely beautiful. We were so happy to be newlyweds, and we were just figuring out life. I had no idea how much boys eat before I started cooking for Stafford. It's insane. I had no idea.
.. and don't tell him I told you, but...
I thought boys were supposed to eat anything you put in front of them, but apparently not. 
oh well.. 
he's making me a better cook.

So...  towards the end of our semester, Stafford received some emails from the school
about possible internships. We still have a year and a half to go in school
but we figured it's better to take it when you can. 
He started talking to a Utah company, but I did not want to get stuck in Utah for the rest of our lives.
Not that I don't like Utah, but maybe just not at the beginning of our married life.
So, he also talked to a California company called Hensel Phelps. They were a long shot, but 
I started getting excited. 

On the last Monday of the semester we got a call from Hensel Phelps 
saying we got the internship!
What?! We actually got it? We were so excited.
That Thursday they called us back and told us we needed to move to california the next weekend. 
We made a quick stop in Panaca (the best place in the world) to see my grandparents and cousins.

 We went 4 wheeling in the sand dunes...
 Shootin at the falls with grandpa...
 Swimming in the spring... Stafford was obsessed with the tiny fish.
 crawdad fishing at the falls with my cousin Bryce... we were terrified.

Overall, it was a great trip. Panaca is always fun.
We left Friday and stayed the night in Mesquite at the Casablanca
It was so fun to have a little night away before reality.

We left Saturday morning for Fresno, California.. 

Our final destination. Yay for California life!
We passed by so many orchards and vineyards. It was beautiful.
We got into our apartment and were so happy to be in our "home" -temporarily.

That Monday, Stafford started work at Hensel Phelps Construction Company. 
He was so sweet to pose for me in his whole get up. 

 While we've lived here, we were able to enjoy some fun California living.
We went boating with some coworkers, and to many company barbeques.

 We also got to go to Monterey Bay and visit the cool aquarium.

AND the freezing cold beach. I thought California beaches were different from the Oregon Coast, but I didn't feel much different... 
Stafford didn't care, he went in anyway.
We also got a beautiful baby lovebird while we were here...

He is kind of adorable.
We love our little Rocky IV so much.

It has been a fun ride here in Fresno. We've enjoyed the fair, Billy Currington concerts, the Fresno zoo and so much more. We will be sad to leave, but excited to finish up our schooling.


  1. Yea! You started a blog! You guys are so cute together!