May 24, 2016

Addie's First Birthday

Headband: c/o Miss Giggle Buns

Oh my sweet, sweet Addie girl! This little darling turned 1 last week! For some reason I feel like her year here with us has gone by extremely fast... It may be that I had a few extra things to think about and plan for- so, mom guilt there! We joke that Addie is me. I'm the second in my family as well and personality wise we are very similar. Addie does NOT like to be thrown in the air. She has not started walking yet and when you let go of her hand for her to stand on her own, she will slowly squat down and sit. She is not one for danger or adventure and that is so me haha. She's mellow and easy going, and a big time mommy and daddy's girl. Tonight as she was rocking with Stafford, she looked over at me and started waving a bunch. She is just the sweetest.

A few of Addie's favorite things to do are playing in the dishwasher, and opening the fridge. I caught her and McKinlee standing in the fridge laughing at the door closing on them. Seriously sisters melt my heart. I am so happy they have each other (sometimes I don't feel this way- i.e. when McKinlee tries to spank Addie or send her to her room, or when Addie pulls Kinlee's hair... it's fine. We're all happy and alive!).

Addie is still our good little eater for the most part and has been on cow milk for a couple weeks now. We were so over paying $25 for formula and it was close enough ;) She now has 7 teeth and is working on the eighth, so the biting game has begun. I have bruises on both of my shoulders to prove it!We had family in town for a bit and she was slow to warm up to everyone, but by the end was enjoying time with cousins her age. I hope she keeps becoming more social, because she sure is fun at home! For her birthday we got a slide for the girls and they both have been loving it! I thought Addie would be too young for it, but she'll go down over and over. It's the cutest thing!

That's our girl! Just the cutest little personality. I'm so happy I get to be her mom!


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