Jan 23, 2015

Mama & Mini Style

I am no fashion blogger, but it is fun to learn how to do new things and this wish list board was something I've been wanting to learn! Not perfect, but I hope to keep learning.

Pregnancy is not necessarily the time to dress up fabulously all the time. Heels should be occasional, and comfort is a priority. This pregnancy I think I can embrace that a little more. When I was pregnant with McKinlee, I was still in school and working. Now that I'm a stay at home mom, I don't like to wear pi's all day, but I do look for comfort in normal clothes. I've decided to jump on the maternity jeans train. This will save my jeans for after baby comes and it will make getting dressed so much easier ha! I've also been looking for a cute comfy tee and these look so cozy. For M, I found this adorable dress and boots. How cute are they?? I still love dressing her up and I can't wait to have two girlies to match! Yes, I will be that mom.


  1. Love this outfit idea. Maternity clothes are so hard to find but so comfy when you do.