Jan 23, 2014

Christmas.. only a month late!

Not too bad right??
I'll use the excuse that we were gone for almost that whole time! We had plans to visit Stafford's family in Utah in January, but with a little chat with the hubby we decided to surprise his parents Christmas Eve. This way we were able to visit both our families in one trip! It was so fun to show up on their doorstep Christmas Eve. I LOVE surprises and Stafford is starting to come around.
Before we left, we had our own little Christmas here so we could let McKinlee play with some of her big toys before we left. 

McKinlee loved her first Christmas! She seriously loved her new toys and will not stop playing with them. Christmas is a whole different thing with a baby and I love it. So much joy and excitement for her to see what we got her. We had a great time in Utah with the fam and then in Washington. We are truly blessed and I'm so grateful for my family. McKinlee is just the sweetest thing and she's getting bigger everyday! Can't wait for next year!


  1. Surprises are so fun! She is a doll and isn't Christmas so much better with kids? What a great Christmas for your family!