Aug 9, 2013

McKinlee: 6 Months

 Bodysuit: Baby Gap // Headband: Lovestrong Shop
Holy cow!! Is this real? My baby is already 6 months. I remember when she was a newborn and I never thought she would get to this point. This is crazy! So here we go...

Sleep:  McKinlee is our great little sleeper. She still sleeps around 10 hours at night. She goes down around 11:30 and wakes up around 9:30. We're visiting my parents right now and she always gets a little off track, but she's getting back into her schedule again. She takes a good nap in the morning a good one around 2 or 3 and another one around 7 or 8. She is now in her crib and loving it! I think she has officially out grown her little rocker. She squirms way too much and she likes to sleep on her side. It's the cutest thing to walk into her room at night and see her little body turned to the side. Love it.

Weight: 12 lb 15 oz, 10th percentile
Height: 25 in, 25th percentile
We're in size 2 diapers and she is wearing 0-3, 3, and 3-6 month clothing. She is so fun to dress and take around. I love making her new things- don't forget to check out some of it on the Lovestrong Shop Website! She's growing up so fast and definitely getting bigger! I'm dying.
Food: McKinlee still nurses well and takes a bottle. She's been eating rice cereal and she has tried  prunes, sweet potatoes, bananas (mashed and by sucking on one), apple/banana, carrots, squash, and green beans. The green beans were definitely a no go, but everything else she has just loved. We also have tried some bread. I take a tiny piece and hold onto it in her mouth while she sucks on it for a while and then eventually it breaks apart and she chews on it. She gagged the first time, but I expected that since it was her first time. She's doing really well with everything though. I'm trying not to rush anything and take it slow for her.

Milestones: McKinlee is a sitter!  She still can't always catch herself, so we usually put something fluffy behind her. She doesn't really roll over a ton, but we're working on it. McKinlee is quite the chatter box. Anytime we put her on the floor on her back she just chats it up with herself. It's pretty adorable. I'll have to catch it on video sometime. She just talks and talks and flings her arms to try and grab anything within arm's reach. I could just watch this girl all day. I seriously love it.

Love you beautiful girl!!


  1. So sweet!! It really does go too fast!
    Random question, I LOVE that pillow! Where did you get it?
    And I still need to order shoes! We moved and things have been crazy so I haven't measured her yet. But I'll email you ASAP!