Aug 30, 2013

Baby + product pictures =

While I was photographing my products this happened...

Headband: Lovestrong Shop

Ok the last two are pretty perfect.. but wow it was difficult to get them. I'm excited to be moved in and have my white comforter back. I'm starting to decorate our new apartment in my mind. This is very difficult seeing as it is currently being built so I have no pictures to go off of. If you just said "AH!" in your head, don't worry... I know. I'm freaking out a little bit. We are just going on a leap of faith and doing it. Have you ever been in a situation like this? Having McKinlee makes it a little more complicated and that's why McKinlee and I stayed behind at my parent's house. Stafford has officially started school in Minnesota and I think he's loving it. He's a guy, so no he did not say the word "love", but yes, I think he does love it. It makes me that much more excited to be there and see a new city! Stafford said there are skywalks and tunnels between buildings and the city itself is just beautiful! I honestly can't wait!


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