Jul 18, 2013

Have you heard..?

We're moving to Minnesota!
Stafford and I are graduating this month from BYU-Idaho and after months of Stafford studying for the LSAT, taking the LSAT, and applying for schools we decided on the University of Minnesota Law School.
It's a really good school and we are just excited for the new chapter in our life. We have loved it here at BYU-Idaho and I know we'll miss it. We met and fell in love here and not to mention we had our baby here! This has been our home for the past 4 years. We have heard great things about Minneapolis and the people there, so we are very excited. I guess we'll have to brush up on our hockey terms though because I think it's kind of a big deal there! (Great... one more sport I have to learn everything about..) We don't have family out there and don't really know anyone, so we're just going into it a little blind. I have researched where the zoo's are, the malls (umm.. Mall of America anyone?) and the Chipotle's and Panera Bread's so we're all set. We found a place and I can't wait to move in! That's our next big thing in life, so I'm just ready to get going! We've started selling a few things and packing up a couple boxes, but we still have a little while before we leave.
I think I need to beef up my winter closet a little more before October hits.


  1. That's so exciting! Congrats to your hubby on getting into law school! I can't wait until my husband is done with school, I've been wanting a change in scenery. Haha. Congrats Kelsi!

  2. Noooo way! How exciting! This will be an amazing adventure! And a huge congrats to your husband! Hard work definitely paid off :)