Jul 13, 2013

5 Months!

Our little girl is growing up so fast it's killing me! She is more social every week, but still I've seen a little bit of separation anxiety out of her a couple times. McKinlee is just my little buddy. I love it.

Sleep:  McKinlee still sleeps around 10 hours at night. She goes down around 11:30 and wakes up around 9:30. I would love to have a little more alone time with the hubby at night, but I'll take sleeping in until 9:30 while I can :) She takes a couple pretty good naps during the day. We just went on a 5 day trip and that messed her up a bit, but I hope she'll get back to her normal schedule. We have yet to move her to her crib, because her little bed is perfect for her. McKinlee has really bad stomach acid (she gets it from her dad). She's on medicine for it and everything, but I think her bed helps with it a lot. I think I'll keep her in her rocker for as long as I can just to help her with her acid. If you want to look into what she sleeps in check here... McKinlee's is a little more pink, but they're basically the same. Seriously look into it if your baby's not sleeping well. You'll love it.

Weight: 12 lb 8oz 
We're in size 2 diapers now and she is wearing 0-3, 3, and 3-6 month clothing. She's a little more fun to dress now since we go out a lot more and we've been around family a lot lately. She wears bows and her bracelet everyday. I'm trying to get her used to them early so she doesn't try to take them out later on. McKinlee has gotten heavier and heavier.. I'm pretty sure my left arm is a little bit injured from holding her all the time. It hurts to raise it and basically to move it in any important position. I'm dying. How are my muscles supposed to keep up with her weight?

Food: McKinners still nurses and I think I've gotten my milk back! I was nervous about it for a while, but she's been eating great and I can't tell you how happy that makes me. We've also started her on rice cereal and she has officially tried prunes (thanks to some constipation on our trip) and sweet potatoes.

Milestones: McKinlee is now a sitter!  She can't always catch herself though, so it's never unsupervised. We've already had a few bumps, but she recovers quickly. She has also rolled over on purpose a few times. She's not awesome at it yet, but she's getting there. This is one proud momma! McKinlee now screeches which is quite adorable. It's her new form of talking and I'm loving it right now, though I'm sure it will grow old fast. I feel like she's grown a lot in the past month and it's kind of breaking my heart! She's no longer a newborn! I am excited for all the new things and I know she'll just keep growing and give us more to love.

Love this face! This is how she prefers to sleep. Crazy girl.

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