Jun 7, 2013

4 Months

Happy 4 months to my sweet baby girl! She has grown so much this past month.. it's crazy!

Sleep:  McKinlee is a great night time sleeper still. We've started to get her to bed a little earlier and she sleeps until 9 or so. It's a great schedule for me. Her naps haven't been the best lately. She'll sleep for 20 minutes on my lap and then she'll wake up as soon as I try and move her. She's adorable. My goal for this month is to get her on more of a schedule. I still have schoolwork to do during the day so I NEED some baby sleep time. Hopefully she can get back to her 1-2 hour naps soon!

Height: 24 inches long- 25 percentile    
Weight: 11 lb 14 oz- 10 percentile   
Head Circumference:40.5 cm- 25 percentile
We're in size 1 diapers still and she's slowly growing into her 3 month clothing. Her wardrobe consists of 0-3, 3, and we're starting to try on some 3-6, but those are still a little baggy on her. She is feeling so heavy lately! Little rolls are starting to form on her thighs. It's to die for.

Food: Baby girl is still nursing, but I feel like I'm drying up or something. I can't keep up with her growing demand. I've been craving junk food lately and I think that's why I'm not producing as much. I am trying to eat healthier this week and I'll try and pump often to produce more milk. She still takes her pacifier, but she's loving her fingers still. I've caught her sucking her thumb in her sleep and I just can't stop her.. it's too cute!

Milestones: McKinlee is pro at her bumbo although she still gets a little tired of it. Tummy time is getting better, but she rolls onto her back as soon as I move away. She has officially mastered the back arch. It's a pain to get her in the car seat, but we've learned how to work with it. Baby girl is also quite the chatter box. She loves taking walks and being outside..  and I love showing her off so it's great for both of us :)

And yes that is a little drool... Girlfriend has more saliva than she knows how to deal with. Love this sweet girl!


  1. She has the prettiest eyes! What a beautiful baby! Love the posts!

  2. And...those posts above look fishy...just sayin'

    1. Thank you! And yes I deleted them. Darn spammers!