Mar 7, 2012

We love Mitt!

Ok. So you don't have to agree with my political views, but just be excited for me. 
We totally ended up going to the rally, but my class ended at 12:30 and it started at 12:45. We were just hoping the man himself wouldn't go on for a while. 
Stafford drove as fast as he could legally while listening to the updates on am radio- lame.

As soon as we started to see cars parked along the road we took the closest open spot and jumped out of the car. I had just gotten done with a presentation so I was in a pencil skirt with tights and boots (not the cute kind people.. it was snowing).
I ran as fast as my skirt would let me. While on our way we saw people walking back to their cars saying they weren't letting anyone else in. That's what happens when you make Mitt Romney speak in a gym only built for 700. 
Since we drove all the way there we decided to go and listen outside anyways. It's fun to just be apart of the action.  

We hung out outside for a while and then magically the line started moving..  
We were so excited.
I thought we were out of middle school, but people decided to cut in line anyways-double lame.
We kept getting closer and closer to the building and when we finally got inside Stafford and I made a bee line for the front while everyone else filed into the bleachers. We got right up close and we waited for Mitt to make his second debut. 

Everyone was chanting and holding signs. It was such a fun atmosphere. We also took plenty of pictures...      

 Finally he enters!!! It was so loud!

 And this is him coming to shake our hands!! We got a video, but can't figure out how to upload it.
dang it.
So anyways, it was amazing and such a fun experience!


  1. I love Mitt too! So jealous you got to go to the rally :)